1.8 billion tonnes of food

wasted yearly, from production to plate.

That’s a lot of damage to the environment, wasted. But what if crumbs can be converted into commodity?

crumbs to commodity

We design integrated food waste solutions for your shopping mall, hotel, building, and more. Our Ecoliser machine converts high volumes of food waste into premium-grade organic fertiliser, a commodity that’s highly coveted by farmers. This closes the loop on food production: food to fork, to farm, to food.


why convert your food waste?

Trash becomes treasure
Return on investment
Reduce greenhouse gasses
Odour management
Support sustainability
Environmental certifications

the technology

1. feed

Food waste is fed to the Ecoliser machine

2. grind

Waste is broken down into smaller pieces

3. ferment

Fermentation and heating to speed up decomposition

4. heat

Temperature is increased to kill bad pathogens and bacteria

5. dry

Moisture is eliminated from the material which is now fertiliser

6. pack

The end product – premium, organic fertiliser – is packed and ready to be distributed


Microbs is the exclusive Malaysia distributor for the patented Ecoliser machine. It’s the leading machine in the industry, known for its ability to convert food waste into 100% premium organic fertiliser that is Green Label certified.
fast processing
compact size
premium fertiliser

We offer consultation and customised solutions for your establishment’s unique operations.

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