Why throw waste,
when you can transform it?

Microbs is a superior enzyme product that breaks down food and organic waste to liquid. No more clogs and odour in your pipes and drains.


what is Microbs?

Microbs is a powerful blend of good bacteria that digests organic waste like food and grease to create an output of non-toxic liquid. Breaking down pesky clogs and odours in the matter of minutes, this organic and eco-friendly product is effective, yet gentle on your skin and pipes.

how to clear a clogged drain

Drains, pipes, and sinks get clogged because of the buildup of organic waste around the walls of your pipes. This traps foreign objects like food, hair, and tissue which close the passageway for water to flow through. What is organic waste?

food waste

use Microbs to

Unclog your sink and drains
Clean your drains and pipes
Prevent grease trap and tank overflow

our story

Our relationship with the environment is a long term one. The way we cultivate, eat, and dispose our foods impact the waters, air, trees, and land; the very gifts we leave behind for our children.

That’s why Microbs offers waste and cleaning solutions that are effective and eco-friendly. You can have the best of both worlds.

Microbs is the superior product when it comes to cleaning drains, removing clog, and maintaining grease traps & tanks.

the past

manual cleaning

Hiring a plumber only temporarily fixes the problem, and for a lot of money! It doesn’t prevent it from happening again.

acidic solutions

Acids incinerate your pipes along with your clogs. It’s also harsh on your skin and the air.

ineffective liquid enzymes

Our distant cousins only use singular strains of good bacteria, as multiple strains cannot co-exist in liquid form.

now with Microbs

prevents and fixes

Use Microbs regularly to prevent pipe buildup that will lead to clogging. It’s also effective in an emergency clog!

people and planet

Microbs is an organic product that utilises a natural process of breaking down waste. It is powerful, yet harmless.

best bacteria

Formulated with a handpicked selection of multiple good bacteria strains for efficiency.

how to use Microbs:

1. mix

Mix one packet of Microbs with water, per your packet instructions. Wait 3 minutes to combine.

2. apply

Add mixture to your sink, drain, or pipe to unleash the good bacteria which digests buildup of oil, grease, and gunk.

3. done

The strong microbial activity breaks down waste into liquid which flows out your pipe.

large-scale waste transformation starts with a microbe

We work with big establishments like shopping malls and hotels to design zero-waste ecosystems and customised waste solutions. Our Ecoliser machine converts large amounts of organic waste into premium, organic fertiliser.

our clients

Restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and households. We've all got a waste problem. Well, not anymore.

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